Exceptional Mould Products in Endurance & Style;
Outstanding Quality Processes; Decades of Expertise...

Our Quality Standards include

Our SQ Mark Roadmap is also progressing in an efficient and satisfactory manner.

We have state-of-art Inspection facilities and raw materials testing facilities, which include Met Flow Index Tester and Ash Content Tester. Excel Plast’s highly experienced team of quality control maintains constant watch over the quality right from the designing state to the final delivery.

Thanks to our stringent quality processes – we have received Best Supplier Awards from Takata in 2012 and from Rane TRW in 2014. We have also received Best Performer Award from ACMA.


We are committed to Delight our Customers and Stakeholders through,

  • Exceeding Customer Expectations
  • Innovative Moulding Solutions
  • Meeting applicable Statutory and Regulatory Requirements
  • Systematic Training
  • Continual Improvements
  • Motivation